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In Infinity This musical art video for the neoclassical duo SONIC TWINS has received numerous prizes including Best Director at the 5th Music Film Festival (Argentina), Best Drama Music Video at the Best Film Awards (UK) and Best Edit at the International Music Video Underground Festival (France). 
(role: director, screenwriter, editor, producer)


This short-length film is a dark comedy about Anton Kroshkin, a medical student who decides to perform first aid on himself.  The film received Best Film at the Moscow indie Film Festival and Best Screenplay at the European Cinefest.  Laureate and participant of many domestic and international film festivals such as: KINOTAVR, Moscow International Film Festival, 26th St. Louis International Film Festival (USA), Portobello Film Festival (UK); 30th Braunschweig International Film Festival (Germany), and many others.  (role: director, screenwriter, editor)


This is a musical art video for my own song "The Wave" ("Волна" in Russian) from the album "QUIET RIOT".  Official selection and awards: Music Video Festival (USA), Kosice International Film Festival (Slovakia), Best Music Video Festival (UK), Audio Shoot International Music Video and Film Festival (Ireland), Underground International Music Video Festival (France) and many other festivals. 

(director, screenwriter, editor, producer, artist)


The most famous person on the planet, who nobody has seen until now, suddenly decides to open up to the world in this postmodern short-length film that organically combines drama, comedy, satire, thriller and mockumentary. The movie received a warm response from audience at many festivals.
(role: director, screenwriter, editor, producer)


This video was made for one of the largest Russian streaming services START on their fifth anniversary. 

The storyline: Yuri Stoyanov, who starred in the series "Vampires of the Middle Lane» receives, lots of messages from other Russian TV celebrities during his break after filming:

- You've got an invitation from START!

- Oh yes, it's their birthday!

- What will we give them?

- A cake. Who wants to buy the cake?

- A cake?! If not me, then who else? I'll just be a minute.

 Yuri Stoyanov puts down his phone and goes on a journey through the universe of the START series to collect pieces of the cake to give to his favourite streaming service. 
(role: production, editing, directing )


This is a low-budget TV promo for David Cronenberg's film "The Fly".  
(role: director, screenwriter, editor, producer)


Promo of the design conception for RU TV channel. 


Trailer for the Russian TV series "1703".

(role: concept, editing)

"MATRIX" tv promo 

This is a humorous tv spot for the film "The Matrix» was timed to coincide with the New Year holidays. 
"You can't get away from the New Year, Mr. Anderson!" the voice says on the phone.  "This is crazy," Neo reacts, before embarking on series of incredible New Year's adventures based on the plot of the iconic film.  "Help me! Take me away from here!" NEO shouts into the phone, but it's too late! It's not so easy to get away from the New Year...  (role: Idea, script and editing)

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